What You Should Know About Taxes As A Senior Citizen

As a Senior Citizen you have enough to worry about.  You are inundated by offers and tips on saving money from the concerned family member to the scam artists online.  You have one more worry that you may want to put on your “watch list”.  As a Senior you may own your home without a mortgage or any lien.  For many Seniors, the only important monthly or quarterly bill you have is your taxes.  In New Jersey, be on guard.  Debt buyers are moving into purchasing tax debt on unencumbered property.  Third party tax debt buyers have always existed; however they are pre-paying and advancing payments on tax debt on properties without mortgages and liens…yes our grandparents who spent 30 years paying off the mortgage.  The third party debt buyers may buy a delinquent debt before the homeowner has an opportunity to pay the debt.  Once the debt buyer has the first tax debt, they may pre-pay or advance payments on the next tax owed.  The seniors may or may not be receiving the tax bill and a few quarters later (or years) a third party tax buyer may attempt to foreclose on the property. Yes, Seniors are losing their homes due to $15,000-$20,000 tax bill that they can’t pay in thirty (30) days with the debt buyers demand payment.  NJ Bankruptcy is a viable option to repay the debt over a five (5) year period.  Be cautious, be vigilante and review your property tax or take a trip to the office to confirm if anyone is paying your tax bill.