Foreclosure: Good for Investors, Bad for Foreclosed

An article in*blog*&par=RSS called “Foreclosure Spike Is Positive Sign for Housing” stated that the foreclosure rate going up by 9% from May “month to month” is a good thing. Good for housing and investors; but bad for the ones being foreclosed. I was thinking while reading this that the investors are not the ones to be pitied or worried about. The people being foreclosed are, which has risen so that 9% more Americans are being foreclosed. I believe that the author may have been trying to make bank repossession and foreclosures seem like not such a big deal so that the public can relax and try buying homes again. I think it shows a great amount of indifference to those in need. Saying that the investors can benefit from the foreclosures is basically like stepping over those being kicked out of their house and pretending they’re not there.