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Student Debt

What would happen if all student loan debt was eliminated?

What would happen to the American college system if Bernie Sander’s plan of “free college” and “eliminate all student loan debt” came to life?  The United States education system is often compared to the system of our European Allies like Germany and Finland who have free education system. Critics asked “If America is so great,…

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Laws Changing For Student Loan Defaulters

The student loan debt crisis has already gripped the attention of courtrooms from bankruptcy court to state and federal court, but finally, it has gained traction among lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. In an unexpected allyship, Sen. Elizabeth Warren D-Mass and Sen. Marco Rubio R-Fla proposed a bill: “Protecting JOBs Act”. This bill…

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Default student loan rates rising to 40% by 2023

A startling new report by Urban Institute, a progressive think-tank in Washington, estimated that in 5 years, 40% of student loan borrowers would be in default. In other numbers, it’s estimated that 44 million americans have student loans, and so 17.6 million students would default.  It’s not just private loans that are unwieldy, but also…

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Judge Rules against DeVos for Corinthian College

In the case of the thousands of students defrauded by Corinthian College Inc., the Department of Education under DeVos tried to implement a new policy that would replace the Obama Administration’s “Borrower Defense to Repayment rule”. DeVos’s plan would prevent students from receiving a full discharge of the student loan debt they accumulated while receiving…

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