Supreme Court Rules a Partner’s Fraud Could Become Your Debt


In Bartenwerfer v. Buckley, the nine Justices of the Supreme Court had a rare moment of agreement. They ruled unanimously that a person cannot use the Bankruptcy Code to discharge fraudulent debt incurred by a spouse.  Debts incurred via fraud usually are among the few debts that bankruptcy cannot discharge. The issue was that Kate…

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How to Stop Foreclosure in New Jersey

Behind on your mortgage? Few events are more stressful than a potential foreclosure, but here in New Jersey, you do have options. Here are all of the steps you could take to save your home. Option #1: Seek Counseling  On January 24, 2022, the legislature permanently expanded the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency’s…

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What US Service Members Need to Know About Filing for Bankruptcy in the United States

Nearly 9 out of 10 active service members need help with their finances. Inflation hasn’t helped.  Yet many service members are terrified to file for bankruptcy. You have the same rights to file for bankruptcy as civilians do. While we recommend talking to your commanding officer and an attorney like Michelle, it’s more common than…

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Will Bankruptcy Impact Your Career?

Most people depend on employers to survive, so it’s natural to wonder how an employer might treat your bankruptcy. We’d love to tell you there won’t be any impact whatsoever, but the answer is a little more nuanced. Your Current Job Federal law prohibits employers from terminating you, demoting you, reducing your salary, or reducing…

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Can You Afford to Pay Your Newark, NJ Living Expenses During a Chapter 13 Case?

It’s no secret that living in Newark, NJ, costs more than living in other areas of the country. Inflation isn’t helping matters any. So it’s natural to worry about whether Chapter 13 will be a good decision for you. There’s something terrifying about letting a faceless trustee determine how much money you get to live…

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What is a New Jersey Mortgage Cram Down?

As of this writing, foreclosures are surging here in New Jersey. Bankruptcy can be an important tool in protecting yourself from foreclosure. And unfortunately, single-family homeowners aren’t the only ones who are vulnerable. So are small-scale landlords, or those who had the chance to buy vacation properties during better times.  A mortgage cram down might…

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DIY Filing by the Numbers: Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Newark, NJ

Roughly 6% of bankruptcy filers attempt to file bankruptcy pro se, that is, without the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. The temptation certainly makes sense…you’re already worried about money, and you might be afraid that you don’t have the means to pay a lawyer. Yet attempting to file bankruptcy yourself is usually a deadly financial…

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Can You Get a 700+ Credit Score After a Newark, NJ Bankruptcy?

credit cards

If you’re worried about your credit after bankruptcy, we’ve got great news. While it won’t be true for everyone, your credit score is likely to go up after bankruptcy, not down.  Yet there are steps you can take to make your credit score even higher. There are some people who have even managed to obtain…

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Student Loan Agreements Stalled by Lawsuits

cancel the debt sign

Many people rejoiced when the Biden Administration offered even a little bit of student loan relief, promising to forgive up to $20,000 for public borrowers. Unfortunately the program has run into problem after problem, and has hit yet another road block.  Student loan forgiveness approval letters are going out, but that doesn’t mean the loans…

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Can Newark, NJ Residents File Bankruptcy on Back Taxes?

Tax forms, a pen, and a mouse

Roughly 11 million Americans owe back taxes amounting to about $114 billion. Falling behind on your taxes is extremely stressful, but bankruptcy can help. Unfortunately, bankruptcy cannot help with all of your tax liability. Filing bankruptcy will at least stop tax garnishments for the duration of your automatic stay. Keep in mind that you must…

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FFEL Borrowers Left Behind in Quiet Change to Student Loan Relief Plan

Millions of borrowers rejoiced when the Biden Administration announced its plan to forgive up to $20,000 in federal student loan debt.  So, imagine the disappointment when 700,000 to 800,000 lost that relief in a “quiet rule change.” Borrowers whose loans are FFEL loans are no longer eligible for debt relief. The White House claims it…

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Student Loan Debt Cancellation for Newark, NJ Residents

The average student loan balance in New Jersey is $36,800. Student loans are a significant source of financial distress for many residents.   That’s why it’s so important to understand the new student loan debt cancellation program enacted by the White House.  $10,000 to $20,000 in Forgiveness You may be eligible for loan forgiveness if you…

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Do You Have to Talk to Debt Collectors in Newark, NJ?

The phone rings day and night. If you answer, there’s a stern voice on the other end, demanding that you give them money.  You go through your days with a sense of dread, and your stomach twists every time the phone rings. Do you really have to go through all this? The truth is no,…

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Can New Jersey Nursing Homes Sue You for Your Family Member or Friend’s Care Debt?

A recent story in NPR told of nursing homes who are aggressively suing family members and friends for nursing home resident debt.  In most cases, it’s impossible to sue someone a debt unless they have a financial tie to you: that is, unless you have co-signed for the debt, or unless you are the spouse…

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How to Repair Your Credit After Your Newark, NJ Bankruptcy

The credit score is such a ubiquitous part of American life that it’s little wonder that bankruptcy’s impact on your FICO score would be one of your primary concerns prior to filing. You’re not alone—most of our clients ask about their credit score at some point during the process. Fortunately, bankruptcy will be a net…

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