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Wells Fargo in trouble?

Wells Fargo Bank has been faced with penalties due to ignoring student loan debt in debtor Ryan’s bankruptcy. Ryan filed for bankruptcy in 2007 and after his discharge; Wells Fargo commenced litigation and collection actively on the debt. In 2008, Ryan was making monthly payments of $150 on the loan that would be made for…

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Ivy League Debt free?

Brown University is a private Ivy league university in Providence, Rhode Island, that is known for its unique teaching, curriculum, and research.  This prestigious university is ranked #14 in national universities. Its tuition and fees is about $53,400 and about 43% of students are receiving financial aid.   Brown offers $112.5 million. With that said, Brown…

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Trump Tax Reform and Student loans

Within the United States, according to IRS records, there are forty-four million Americans with student loan debt. President Trump’s tax reform bill states that “special interest deductions” will be made in the areas of medical expenses, adoption and student loan interest rates. The Trump administrations alleged overall goal of the tax cut is to grow…

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Employees get financial help from Employers for their student loans?

According to Pew Research Center: Social and Demographic Trends, 53% of employers are likely to stay at their current job with SLP, 64% of employees are likely to recommend their company to a friend for employment opportunity, and 74% of employees report being happy at their place of employment with SLP(2016). Since this launch, many…

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Toys R Us – Bankruptcy on the horizon?

Over 50% of Americans shop online or at discount stores such as Wal-Mart. Could this be a reason why Toys ‘R’ Us is preparing for bankruptcy? Toys ‘R’ Us is $5 billion dollars in debt. They are currently working on a loan to fund its potential bankruptcy. This is assumed to come before the holiday…

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